practically in-house printing

The Rapid Prototyping Division of Solution Nexus builds on the theme of designer to designer sharing. In short, we have a toy and we want to share. Our service is designed to make working with us as much like having your own printer as possible. Located minutes from downtown Providence, we can offer you a quick turn-around that will leave you little down time while you are in your design phase.

We call it practically in-house because most of our customers send over files late in the day, sometimes well after normal business hours, then swing by in the morning to pick them up. Sometimes same day service is even available. We aim to stay small, building tight relationships, providing a superior service in a targeted way.

And while we try our best to provide competitive pricing, if time and convenience aren't your driving factors, we can recommend a couple big houses that must purchase their resins for a far lower price than we do. However, be sure to factor in the shipping costs when making price comparisons.