repair your parts

Repairing an STL file in netfabb studio is quick and easy, assuming the automatic repair function does the trick. And the instructions are identical on all platforms, so far as we know. So, follow these easy steps to ensure a high quality print of your part.

1. Add Your STL File to the Workspace add part
2. If the part is GREEN, then you are good to go. No action is required. However, if you see this icon in the lower right of the window, some repair is required
3. If a repair is required, begin the process by clicking on the red cross on the repair mode button in the tool-bar Repair Button on the Toolbar
4. Click the Automatic Repair button in the repair configuration area of the window (which has now appeared) Automatic Repair
5. Select Default Repair from the floating window, then click the Execute button. Default repair & Execute
6. Click the Apply Repair button in the active dialog box Apply Repair Button
7. Click Yes to remove the original, damaged version of the file from the workspace, leaving just the repaired version.
8. From the Part menu, Export the now printable STL file